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Where Are “Apostate” Women Preachers Taking Us!?

Today’s post is a guest post by Bobby Valentine. He writes a blog as the Stoned-Campbell Disciple that is published on .  Our church pulpits are slowly opening to women preachers as serious study is changing how we have traditionally discriminated against women using just two verses from the New Testament as justification keeping women […]

The Apostle to the Disciples?

Today is Resurrection Sunday for some or Easter for many. Which ever name you wish to apply to it, may your day be blessed. It was early morning almost 2000 years ago when Mary went to the tomb and saw the risen Jesus. I would imagine she ran pretty fast back to the other disciples […]

Pioneering Together: Welcoming a Female Minister

Today’s post will not be very long, because I am just going to publish a link with some basic information about the link and hope you will take the time to follow the link and read the post. If you are a member of the acapella Churches of Christ, whether you are in leadership, ministry, […]

We Will Have No Divisions Among

For the last month or so, the church Linda and I love and have attended for the past fifteen years has been hearing sermons relating to unity.  We have received emails with scriptures that point to unity in the congregation.  Today, the scripture sent out to meditate on was this: 1 Corinthians 11:18 (NIV2011) 18 […]

Inclusive or Exclusive

Generally speaking, many members of the Churches of Christ would say our fellowship of independent congregations is in a period of transition while most members would not be able to accurately describe where that transition is heading, or even agree on what it is to begin with.   Agree?  Disagree? Well, it’s really hard to disagree with the obvious.  […]

The Tresspass of the Tray Pass by Al Maxey

In today’s blog, I’m sharing the most recent “Reflections by Al Maxey”.   Al is a long time web friend and brother in Christ who is the minister and an elder at Cuba Avenue Church of Christ in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  He and I have discussed many opinions and topics over the years.  In his latest reflections, he […]

Greek —— and Women

Today’s post is be a friend of mine, Bobby Vallentine.  It is an excellent article on translation of 2000 year old Greek into modern English, especially where gender is concerned. It will challenge your thinking if you think that everything is black and white when it comes to translating scripture. GREEK and WOMEN Much controversy […]

Race and Gender Discrimination in the Church

Over the last fifteen years, the churches of Christ have made a real effort to become a Christian fellowship that welcomes all people of all races.  We  finalized realized in the mid 1990’s that God does not see the color of one’s skin and the persistence of race discrimination over the years that has existed in […]

Finding my Place: On Women in the Kingdom by Joy Clarkson

Today’s post is not going to be from me (at least not the majority of it!). I want to share a blog post by my niece, Joy Clarkson. Her blog is “Joyness the Brave”. She writes about finding her place in a male controlled Christianity, something I have heard from other women talk about numerous times […]

John Piper and the churches of Christ

In the churches of Christ, the name John Piper has very little recognition among the members in general, nor does it have recognition among those who are more tuned into theological study and current events such as our ministers and leaders.  Ask a preacher or elder who John Piper is and the most common answer […]