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“Owning Up to Our Baptismal Vows” (Galatians 3:26-28)

During the Pepperdine University Bible Lectureship last week (1st week of May), there was a sermon given to about 3,000 people (by one attendee’s estimate) that took a look at what Paul was actually saying in¬†Galations 3: 26-28.¬† Jarrod Robinson was the speaker and he took a really hard look at those verses. He first […]

Just An Observation

Today has been COLD! Texans don’t normally do well in extremes of cold like people who live further to the north of Texas where the cold is far more common. Today started with a temperature of 18 degrees and a wind chill of 12 degrees. That may be a warm day up north during the […]

It’s The First Day of 2014! Read a New Study!

It’s the first day of 2014, a new year with new goals, new ideas, and a new study added to this web site in December. Why not start out the new year by downloading this new study on gender equality in the church. I received this study from Don Willis, who lives in Australia, and […]