It’s The First Day of 2014! Read a New Study!

It’s the first day of 2014, a new year with new goals, new ideas, and a new study added to this web site in December. Why not start out the new year by downloading this new study on gender equality in the church. I received this study from Don Willis, who lives in Australia, and is a part of the churches of Christ. It is a scholarly study that is also easily understood by the non-scholarly person (me), extremely well researched, fully referenced and footnoted, and absolutely Biblical. The title is “What Can Women Do In the Church”. This is a study I wish everyone in the churches of Christ, regardless of their present belief regarding gender, would take the time to read and consider. Don and I have basically walked the same spiritual path over the last 25 years and arrived at the same conclusions regarding gender equality. The following link will take you to the Don Willis page where you will find links to download the study in its entirety. Be sure to down load all three parts. The files are pdf’s so you will need to have a pdf reader to display and print the study. I wish everyone who is reading my first blog on the Where The Spirit Leads web site a successful and truly blessed New Year!