Pioneering Together: Welcoming a Female Minister

Today’s post will not be very long, because I am just going to publish a link with some basic information about the link and hope you will take the time to follow the link and read the post.

If you are a member of the acapella Churches of Christ, whether you are in leadership, ministry, or just a regular member, this is a post you need to read. Many churches are adding female ministers to their staffs as our churches as a whole are starting to realize women’s capabilities and rethink a lot of man made restrictions. It is ongoing process that will probably take a number of years to complete.  It is extremely important that when a female is added to the ministry staff that she is made to feel that she is indeed a part of the congregation. The writer of the article I will link you to “has been there-done that”. She speaks from having lived through what she writes. For those who do not know the author, Shannon C. Rains, who is my oldest daughter, this will be a good way to learn just a little about her and the challenges faced by women in ministry! She is planning two more articles so put a link in your favorites to be sure to remind you to read the t two articles. The article is published on the web site CHARIS and is titled “Pioneering Together: Welcoming a Female Minister” ( ).


Pioneering Together: Welcoming a Female Minister  by Shannon Rains

In fifteen years of full-time ministry service, I have been the first and only female minister on two different church staffs. I know a thing or two about being the only female. …………………………………..


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