About Me


This blog actually started on my personal web site under the name of Wiley’s Ways.  This web site and my blog were a part of my personal web site for a number of years.  I set up WhereTheSpiritLeads.org about three years ago and recently decided to separate the blogs.  This blog allows me to express what I am thinking about Biblical gender equality when I am prevented from doing so in the local church environment where the accepted practices are the androcentric complementarian views of gender.  My thoughts are my own.  When I use someone else’s thoughts, they will be clearly identified.  I started my studies in Biblically based gender equality in 1993 because I had a daughter in high school whom I saw moving toward a career in ministry in a church fellowship that generally was against women being ministers.  She did exactly what I thought she might do by earning a Masters Degree in Christian Ministry from Abilene Christian University’s Graduate School of Theology.  She has become a very loved and respected Children and Family Minister in the Churches of Christ while working for a congregation that is still generally restrictive of women.  My studies in support of my daughter and women in general in the Churches of Christ opened a whole new world of Biblical interpretation and took me into areas I would not have normally gone.  It made me realize just how controlled and restricted the thinking really is regarding the open study of gender in the vast majority of Churches of Christ.  It also made me realize how poorly our “modern” Bible translations handle translating and interpreting both the Hebrew and the Greek language into correct English, which was something I had always taken for granted as being accurate.  My study changed my thinking on many hermeneutical concepts used by traditional Church of Christ theologians and ministers such as CENI, Silence of Scripture, solo scriptura, and the idea that the English translations we now have are the true, exact, inerrant word of God as printed in our modern English.  In relation to Bible versions, when I quote Scripture in my writings, it will normally be from the 2011 NIV, which I consider to be a for more accurate translation than the NIV 1984, which has an obvious androcentric agenda.

Whether you agree with me or not, I hope you enjoy reading what I write and keep in mind the old Church of Christ motto:

“In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity”